Smith-Moody Services

We can perform some or all of the functions of an in-house risk manager.
Agent or Broker Selection
Smith-Moody can manage the entire process of insurance broker or agent selection from preparing the request for proposal to evaluating the proposals and presentations.
Casualty Risk Financing Alternatives Evaluation 
What is the best way to finance the cost of your casualty claims?  Should they be fully insured?  Or should you pay a portion of the claims through a deductible, self-insurance, a captive or some other means?  Smith-Moody can assist yoiu in making those decisions.
Contract Insurance Provision Review
Construction, maintenance, and service service contracts as well as lease agreements typically contain insurance requirements applicable to both parties.  Smith-Moody can advise you if the requirements are appropriate and reasonable.  We can also tell you if your insurance coverage complies with the requirements.
Legacy Insurance Programs
Acquiered companies often bring with them old casualty risk financing programs that continued to be adjusted.  Smith-Moody can verify the adjustments and tell you if the insurance company's billing is correct.
Insurance Program Review
We can review your property and casualty insurance program and design it to:
  • Provide the types and amounts of insurance needed to adequately protect your organization.
  • Minimize cost
  • Achieve your oganization's long and short term goals
Collateral Review
Large casulty deductible and workers' compensation programs require you to post collateral.  The collateral current and prior insurers can build up over time and possible affect your credit facilities.  We can review your insurers' collateral requirements to determine if they are holding unneeded collateral,   If they are, we can assist you on getting the collateral reduced.
Worlers' Compensation Classification Review
Insurance companies sometimes use the wrong Workers' Compensation classifications leading to overcharging Workers' Compnsation premiums.  Smith-Moody can review the classification used on your Workers' Compensation policies to verify that they are correct,